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One of the most effective ways to bring business knocking on your door is to give away your knowledge. If you think this makes no sense – for, after all, if you tell people what you know for free, why would they pay for it – I’ve proved that this works.

I’m just a tiny bit passionate about writing and readability – try and stop me holding forth at length! I found that people found my advice useful, but mostly they really didn’t want to do it themselves and, over a period of time, drifted back and asked me for help – and were willing to pay for it.

I started sharing tips on Twitter – which I also put on my Facebook page. Over a period of time I developed a ‘bank’ of tips on a wide range of topics under writing, readability and allied topics. People seemed to like them and I got plenty of retweets and ‘likes’.

I blogged about most of these subjects and people liked that too and I had comments on Twitter with more retweets.

I created some reports to explain how to improve readability, your website and business card. People were willing to give me their email address to send these out.

I created some free ‘how to’ documents to help people with things like optimising their LinkedIn account, generating content for Twitter and blogs and other such things. More people liked these!

After a few months I noticed that people were recommending me based on the fact that I ‘did great tips’. I’ve had clients as a result and some of them could have done the job themselves, if only they could be bothered! That’s a bit like my accounts – I could do it, but I hate it. Fortunately I’ve got a great accountant who just takes away all the pain!

You will be surprised at how easy it is to start creating tips, advice sheets, reports, checklists and other information of value. Start small (with one) and add them over a period of time and you’ll be generating a bank of knowledge that has tremendous value – both to the reader and to you as an expert.

Written by Lesley Morrissey

Lesley Morrissey

I’ve written since I was at Primary School and achieved ‘fame’ by having a poem read on the BBC Schools programme at the age of 9! Since then I’ve written features for newspapers and magazines and, this century, commercial copy for businesses big and small.

The aim is to persuade my client’s target audience to take action so copy needs not only to be in their ‘voice’, but also to be written for the reader full of juicy benefits.

In other lives I’ve been a training manager, an HR manager, a quality director and a speaker.

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