Are you really ready and willing?

Today I want to share a few thoughts with you that are to do with business although not necessarily the normal networking tips that I share.

I am undergoing a lot of strategic planning around my own business identity and direction and you will see a lot of the results of this over the coming months. As part of this I have decided to undertake the Economic Gardening Programme and it has started this week. Economic Gardening is a local council run business coaching and training programme – and it is going to give me an excellent space and support to look at my own business when I spend so much time looking at other people’s businesses.

As we started the programme, one of the lead trainers let us know that the people who get the best results are those people that are both Hungry and Humble enough to learn and then to implement.

I recently heard it described another way. Many people want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger yet not so many people are willing to do the work.

So I want to ask you a few questions this week

1) Are you hungry enough to do what it takes to make your business work? Will you learn the skills you need to learn, take the time to meet the people you need to meet and put the effort in to succeed the challenging times?

2) Are you humble enough to learn? To accept the fact that you don’t know everything – and even that you are not implementing some of the things that you do know? Some of the most successful people I have met have also been the most humble….

3) Are you willing to do the work to make your life and your business look the way that you want them to look? Understand that your perfect lifestyle will probably not happen overnight and there are tasks you will have to do that you may not love to do and may be really hard.

I believe that being successful is more about the person that you become along the way than the destination in itself. These three things seem to me like a good place to start – I would love to know your thoughts…..

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Written by Ruth Thirtle

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