Why are some people successful using Social Media and some aren’t?

This is a question that I have been pondering for a while now and cropped up again in conversations last week so I thought I’d share my ideas and thoughts with you.

I think there are several obvious answers.

When a business comes to me and says that they aren’t getting the return from Social media that they see others (and in particular their competitors) getting I usually assess what they’re doing by asking the following questions:

Do they have a specific strategy for what they want to achieve?

Do they know who they want to talk to?

What is the message that they want to communicate?

If they don’t know the answer to the above they are probably using a scattergun approach and while they might be lucky and find a couple of people they want to talk to, or people who want to buy their services they probably won’t achieve a great ROI for their time.

We then get onto who is running their account and what are they using it for?

Do they understand Social Media?

Are they engaging and listening to their followers (customers)?

Are they trying to use modern communication techniques for a traditional selling campaign?

This is a very easy trap to fall into. There are lots of businesses who are trying to use Social Media in traditional ways and they are alienating their current and potential new customers. More importantly it becomes obvious to customers that the businesses aren’t actually interested in what they have to say and the businesses aren’t listening to them. Imagine how damaging this is to their brands. And which brand would you choose – one that engages with you, listens to you and communicates new ideas with you, or one who just “broadcasts”?

So it’s very important to make sure that the person running the account understands the business and what the business wants to communicate.

It may be worth considering more than one account for the business to deal with different messages, but keep it personal. At the very least put a name to whoever is running the account at any time.


And finally, which is especially important for small businesses

Do you/ your business have more than one profile online?

Do people who don’t know you well understand what you do?

Do your profiles all send the same message about your brand?

If you aren’t getting the clients you want it could be because your profiles are sending mixed messages. Make sure that your online presence sends a consistent message about you and your brand and what it is that you do. Make it easy for people to find you and understand what you can do to help them.

How do you measure the effectiveness of what you do? and how do you get the results you want?

Written by Philippa Bowen

Philippa is an enperienced business owner who has worked in the private , public & charitable sectors and for large & small businesses. Her passion is helping business owners to get the best from their businesses in the most efficient manner & using social media to do that. You can usually find her on twitter at @philippabowen
or you can contact her via:
07885 610228

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