Time for Business Development?

A freind of mine was telling me recently that she had a business meeting where she ws told that the only reason she had time for Social Media was that she didn’t have children.

I was told recently that someone was surprised that I got any work done as I spent so much time networking.

I was thinking about how interesting it is the judgments that people make around how other people run their lives…

Networking is one of the main ways I get more leads, more clients and more referrals – so I choose to do a lot of it.

For other people, their business is built on social media so they choose to spend time there.

Other people choose to spend time with family or friends.

Others choose to spend 80 hours a week working in their business.

There is no judgment here, that is just how it is. And each of us has a choice as to where we spend the 24 hours in our day.

The things that bring you most success in your business and the things that bring youo most fulfilment in your life are the things that you need to spend time doing. Whatever that is, it is your choice to make.  Choose to build your business

Yes, you have obligations and yes, you have responsibilities – based mainly on the choices you have made in the past.

I have a dog and it is a responsibility to take her for a walk each day so I make time for that. I have chosen not to have chilldren so I do not have that responsibility. Yes that gives me time to choose to spend on other things. It also means that I don’t have those brilliant, special fulfilling moments that parents tell me about. We each make our choices.

In Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he talks about allocating the time for the “big rocks”. What are the “big rocks” for you? The projects that make the most difference for you? For me networrking is defnitely a big rock so time each week to network is one of the first things in the diary. It is work, even though I have huge amounts of fun doing it!

Sitting at my desk (although I do some of that too) is not so effective for me in building my business as being out there meeting people so I choose to spend lots of time doing it.

One of the shifts that I made that has made a lot of difference in my time management, productivity and business development is the way I talk about time.

Instead of saying “I don’t or I didn’t have time for that”,  say that “I choose to spend my time doing x instead of y.”

So next time you say you don’t have time for networking, social media, writing articles or whatever it might be, think about where you are choosing time instead. This is not to be done in a negative way, just in a way of taking responsibility for the choices that you make and the places you invest your time.

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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