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Has the marketing world been turned on its head or are businesses so desperate that they are chasing up and down every route to market in the hope of a sale?

Every marketing strategy put forward over the last 20 years has been driven by market segmentation and the narrowing of marketing channels. The aim has been, and should be, to focus on a key target market, identify how to communicate with it and make the message so irresistible that customers cannot refuse the offer.

So why is it then that marketeers from all three sectors are using Twitter to promote their goods and services? Twitter is so broad an so full of white noise from competitors that there is little chance or anyone hitting that target market let alone making a sale. Don’t get me wrong, business can be won that way but the wastage involved is immense. And then there is the use of auto posts. What is the point of pretending to want to communicate with people if you are no willing to or capable of responding to someone that reads your tweet ad wants more information? It is tantamount to propaganda, advertising of the worst sort and can do more damage than good. It is not difficult to set up a notification service t alert you when someone replies and doing so in public shows you actually want to engage with people – customers or not.

So if you are going to use Twitter to fly in the face of every current marketing theory, please a least have the common sense to reply to potential new business.

Written by Graham Parker MA MCIPR

Graham Parker MA MCIPR

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  • Nice post! And, I guess you’re right… everybody can view your page and perhaps can get a glimpse of info from you, but not getting the best interest in what you are selling, unless they really know you.. thanks a lot for these notices

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