Ever wondered what the benefits are of investing in a server for your business?

Have you ever wondered what the benefits are of investing in a server for your business? Are you ready to take the leap but aren’t sure what benefit it will bring?

1. Get a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.
Windows Small Business Server 2008 takes the guesswork out of selecting software for your network. It brings together the Microsoft product technologies that businesses need most into a single solution.

2. Stay connected to your customers, vendors & Suppliers
With access to contacts, appointments and files from any internet-connected PC or mobile device, you can be responsive to customers, vendors and suppliers even when you’re not in the office.

3. Protect your business & prevent data loss
Windows Small Business Server helps protect your vital business information from loss by backing up the data on your network, and enabling you to recover accidentally deleted files. It also enables you to recover data on your network in the event of a disaster. With easy to use interfaces, you or your IT provider gain better control of your data, PCs & network.

4. Access business information & resources from virtually anywhere at any time
Be productive whether you’re out of the office, at home or on the road. Windows Small Business Server gives you secure access to business contacts, calenders, files, emails, your desktop, & even shared resources from any internet connected PC, from virtually anywhere at anytime.

5. Increase your business capacity
Streamline business processes and improve day-to-day efficiency with Windows Small Business Server. It helps automate daily processes by providing a central repository for storing and sharing information more easily – and helps simplify communications with familiar Microsoft technologies.

6. Stay safe with anti-spam & anti-virus
Windows Small Business Server offers anti-spam and anti-virus technologies to help protect your business information & your intellectual property from malicious attacks, viruses and spam.

7. Keep your network healthy and up-to-date
Windows Small Business Server provides you with the latest updates to minimise downtime and help ensure network health by keeping your PCs & servers current. Easy-to-read “green check” reports give you a quick view of Microsoft software updates, PC & server status, anti-virus status, and  backup progress.

8Take advantage of powerful technologies designed & priced for small businesses
Windows Small Business Server includes multiple technologies optimised specifically for small businesses – at an affordable price. It enables you to share resources & equipment, such as internet access, printers & fax machines, so you get the maximum value from your technology investment.

Written by Karen Wilson

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