7 Ways To Excel As A Leader

1. Focus on your strengths

Why try to be a pilot if you’re a better engineer? Find out what you’re good at and build on it. You are much more likely to excel as a leader if you know what it is you can do and accept what you can’t.

2. Delegate

If you have no time to spare in developing your areas of weakness, turn to your team instead. If you must excel as a leader, learn to delegate.

3. Learn from your mistakes

There is no single leader in the world who is without fault. Whether we’re talking about CEOs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, church or community leaders, all of them have made mistakes in their lives. The only difference is that they treated their mistakes as opportunities for learning.

4. Refuse mediocrity

If you want to excel as a leader, you must always aim for excellence. Compromising on second best when you can insist (and actually obtain) the best will show that your standards are easy to reach without a lot of effort and that your team doesn’t have to work too hard.

5. Be consistent

Don’t renege on your promise or turn your back against a policy as if nothing happened. Avoid double standards and be fair.

6. Practice good people skills

You can only excel as a leader if people are willing to follow you. You must be able to inspire and motivate your team.

7. Learn, learn and then learn some more

You should never stop learning. By building your personal competence, you are much more able to cement your value as an excellent and competent leader.

Written by Paul Green

Paul Green

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