Keeping up with the Jones’, is it really necessary?


Know someone who always has the latest gadgets? Thinking of Whether to spend a lot or the newest technology? Whether it is the newest iPad or HTC phone or a high end projector for meetings are you automatically buying the most expensive?

In business you have to weigh up the costs with the benefits. Say we are talking about a projector. You give presentations to clients or prospects. You may think that a flash projector will make your company look like its doing well. to be honest more people are concerned with content as long as the technology works without notice. That means it there are no problems or glitches and it does not take an age to setup then it will help your presentation to flow and give something positive for them to remember.

I hear quite a few stories from trainers and delegates (about meetings and training) where they can’t remember what was said because the person was fiddling with their technology. Those stories feature both new and old equipment but it made a bad impression on the event.

Like the person with the fancy new phone who did not know how to put it on silent during a meeting. The ringtone was not professional and the phone kept going off.

The meeting where the projector was connected but would not acknowledge the computer, same could be said with tvs connecting to computers. I was at a networking event where the staff at the venue did not know how to connect a laptop to a tv or why it was not working.

See if the new equipment is going to work with your existing and learn how to use it all yourself. If you get stuck having to set something up you don’t want to look ignorant in front of everyone if no one is around to help you. Ask around to see how people use their gadgets.

Do you use your gadget in a unique way? Share with us.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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