Fancy a Date?

I was talking to someone who had recently started internet dating the other day and was gobsmacked by the number of preferences that you could set when filtering potential matches. 

What surprised me even more though was the range of boxes you could tick to restrict who could contact you. I certainly hadn’t expected that. 

In both parts of the site you can dictate the maximum distance someone can be from you, decide to only view or get messages from: only those with pictures, specific age groups or ethnic orgins, potential partners who are looking for the same type of relationship as you ie accept messages from someone looking for a long term relationship but not just a friendship and you can even dictate that any messages sent to you have to be of a certain length!

All sounds like the perfect way to let the site do all the work for you and only show you the best matches it has. Now that may mean that you miss out on someone that on paper wasn’t the right person for you but could have been once you got to know them a bit better but in today’s busy society it makes some sense.

Having just been writing my ‘todo’ list for the year my business is naturally on my mind so whilst I was listening to how this dating site worked something that I had been told on a business workshop surfaced from the depths of my mind. I had been told that not all customers are ‘good’ customers for your business and that you need to select the best. 

We spend so much time with some of our customers that maybe we really should be thinking of them as potential ‘dates’ and look at whether they meet the criteria we would set if we were looking for the perfect customer. Are they in the right area, are they easy to get on with, do you want to be spending some of your week in their company? 

If they are a ‘perfect partner’ then great 🙂 If they don’t tick enough boxes or you find you are spending far more time on the relationship than they are and you don’t feel it is getting you anywhere then maybe it’s time to move on. Do it amicably but do it. Moving on and finding new matches works whether you are looking for a partner to work with or live with.

Be selective and see the rewards. ‘You’re worth it!’

Written by Julie Hayward

Julie Hayward

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