Think like the buyer

The previous article covered the subject of your customers purchasing on need

You have made contact with your customer, identified a requirement & understood their needs (hopefully)
You are now working on closing the order.

Before that meeting or call you must sit down and consider your approach and answer three questions:
What do they gain by purchasing from me?
Why would your product make their job easier?
Why should they buy from you?

If you have understood their needs these questions should be easy to answer.

As mentioned previously, what you need to do is change roles, and consider it from the viewpoint of your customer.
They have a ‘need’ to be fulfilled and what is their best option; purchase the product and be able to make use of it ‘out of the box’

So during your sales call (telephone or face to face), keep your mind focussed on their side.

As an example, think about when you are seeking to purchase, say a new computer:
What do you do? – You gather the facts, asking yourself;

‘Will this product do the job I want it to do?’
‘Are there additional items on it I will not use
‘Does it use the latest operating system’
‘Is there additional software included, e.g. MS Office’
Etc, etc….

With those answers you will make your decision and I bet that the price is not at the top of your list.
It is on your there but below functionality & ease of use.

In addition you will not purchase at a shop where the sales guy pushes you to buy the top of the range product just so he can earn a higher commission.

You will go somewhere else and you do not want that to happen to you.

Written by Mike Vaughan

Mike Vaughan

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