The Unexpected Outcome

I know social media still has such a buzz about it in the business world and when I joined twitter it was purely for business reasons as I was looking at developing business opportunities. However as I was new to it I played with it a little before I sorted out a business twitter account.  The unexpected outcome from this is that it really has had an impact on my personal life as well.  All for the better.

I have been using twitter for quite a while now after much persuasion and encouragement   from @EssexSocial I have grown a substantial following resulting in some great friendships and business opportunities.  In fact I have found some people I actually feel closer to online than some people I know offline.

This last month has been an interesting time for me with lots of positive outcomes, some of which were totally unexpected. This has been both on a personal and professional level.

C’mon I Want to Know Now!

I truly believe that this has down to the way that we communicate today… Today email, text and social media are virtually instant contact and takes very little time to do so you can do it on the move or in places you can’t make a call from. No more reliability on snail mail.  It would seem that the days of hand written letters has long gone, however I would say that if anyone actually penned a letter with a real pen and paper and sent it to a friend or loved one the sentimental value would be immense.  I know if I was lucky enough to receive one I would seriously treasure it forever.

Today we use twitter or other social media platforms but it’s my experience that I had with twitter that I want to write about.


Time to Tweet

Smart phones make communication available 24-7 no matter where you are, whatever you are doing whether you are in the bath, M25 (I do not advocate tweeting and driving), waiting for meetings, at work, at play, in bed. There are no barriers whatsoever now. Even time barriers of conventional offline relationships do not appear to matter anymore.

This has been a blessing as during times when it’s too late to call an offline friend there is always a friend on twitter to offer a virtual hug, drink, party or a sounding board. You just have to choose your medium carefully!! i.e. Public tweet or DM!!  Remember a public tweet is exactly that. Public.


The Biggest Surprise

This past month I have had some things that have been really bugging me and a twitter friend was there even at 3am in the morning (although I doubt he expected an answer when he replied to my much much earlier tweet!!!) however he was there for an hour and half listening advising and discussing the points that I needed to clear my head. I’m not sure if he knows how much he helped me but I was able to get some sleep, relax and as they say a problem shared 🙂

It has been great to find a friend I can talk to very openly and possibly because we have never met it has been easier and as they had firsthand experience of my little sticking point it has been very relevant and I am grateful for twitter giving me the opportunity to find a really good friend.

To him I will always be grateful and if we ever meet I will be sure to buy him a drink or two and thank him for being a good friend when I needed it.  To this day I feel very happy to call him a friend and I am sure I always will.


Is it just me?

So I got to thinking how twitter has changed other people’s lives. I know people who just follow the celebrities for the gossip and others for business.  I know twitter is great for finding out the news very quickly but I’m curious what have been your unexpected outcomes?  Romance, friendship, prizes…??

Please let me know 🙂

Written by Helen Wilson

I am a mum of 2, wife, business minded individual being taken on an unexpected journey in 2012, but I am turning it to my advantage and I am very excited about what is coming my way. I see the light at the end of the tunnel which I havent seen for a long time… Patience is a virtue…

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