Work Less, Achieve More

Can I let you in on a little secret? Next year is going to be the year when I work less yet achieve more in terms of results for my business – AND I am going to help as many people as possible along the way to do the same thing.

Interested? Intrigued?

I was thinking about the military. In a military campaign, when the armies need to move forwards, Advance, the person that gives the order is not the person in the thick of it moving the line forwards. Business really needs to be the same. In order for our businesses to advance we need to be the person giving the command, not the foot soldier in the thick of it doing all of the work to make it happen.

Let me share with you what I believe are the 5 keys to being able to work less and achieve more by being, effectively, the person that gives the “Advance” command.

Key 1) Develop Effective Networking Skills.

When you are effectively networking, both online and offline, you are developing a community of people that know, like and trust you. This leads to these people being out in the marketplace promoting your products or services. In effect, this gives you a sales force that you do not need to pay any salaries to.

However, there are a number of things that you need to bear in mind as you are networking. I am going to give you the top 3 here.

1) Make it easy for people to refer business to you. Help them to know and remember exactly what it is that you are looking for in terms of business.

2) Be social. Particularly when networking online. It is called Social Media after all…. Networking is about building relationships and building a community around you so be people-focused and get involved.

3) Have an answer prepared to the question “what do you do?” Make it clear, concise and memorable.

Key 2)

Develop your presentation skills.

Having the confidence and the content to speak in front of a group of people is the ultimate leverage of your time. Consider this – making a 30 minute presentation to 20 people individually would take you 10 hours without travel time. Making a 30 minute presentation to 20 people together would take you – 30 minutes!

What could you do with that additional 9 and a half hours? Is it worth being out of your comfort zone?

3) Proper Packaging.

People will pay a premium for a premium product. How can you better package yourself, your product or your service to have a much higher perceived value than it currently has.  And I am not talking about adding things that you have to deliver with your own time and effort…

I am talking about the sort of information, training, support and resources that either someone else does or you do once yet can get paid for over and over again.

Package yourself as the generous expert and watch the growth…..

4) Joint ventures/strategic alliances

This is a tactic that the big boys in town use to great effect. If you have children you have probably been caught in the McDonalds/Disney Joint Venture trap.

You go to McDonalds at the same time as there is a new Disney film out and you buy a Happy Meal. There are posters all around the restaurant advertising the film – and your child receives a toy! The toy is the trigger for them to want to go and see the film and you will generally get a voucher for the cinema so your logical brain is also satisfied. You then go to the cinema, spend a fortune on all the add-ons and then get given a voucher for money off a cheeseburger at McDonalds! Sound familiar?

When you set up effective strategic alliances you can offer more of a solution to a client and have them more inclined to spend money with you.

5) Outsourcing

At this point you are probably feeling that you are doing more work rather than less and completely defeating the purpose.

So you need to outsource.

One of my mentors, Dale Beaumont, said to me that you should not be doing anything that you can pay someone less than your hourly rate for doing. Whether that is cleaning your house or building your website…

Do the things that you are good at and passionate about and have other people do pretty much everything else.

By implementing all of these things into your business – and doing it well – you will be able to work less and achieve more over the next 12 months.

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Written by Ruth Thirtle

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