Change your mind!

They say it’s a woman’s privilege to change her mind, but I’d argue that it’s vital for everyone to have the ability to change your mindset if you want your business to succeed.
I have two good examples where a change in thinking, nothing more than that, enabled two business owners to turn trying times into triumphs.
First up is my client, let’s call her Sally, who was worried about cash flow and told me she’d been having a terrible time doing “credit control” or to be more precise, chasing unpaid bills. She found it hard going until I persuaded her to try to spot the potential in this activity. Only then did she realise “credit control” could be much more than just calling people up and asking them to pay up.
“I decided to look on it as an exercise in customer service,” she told me, “so before I ever mentioned unpaid bills, I asked if they were happy with the service they got from my company and if there was anything we could do to improve.
“By the time I got round to asking for payment, we had a little bit of rapport so it didn’t feel awkward and, more than that, I got two new contracts just from chatting to existing clients about what we could do for them.” Not a natural salesperson, Sally found a way of selling her brand while carrying out the vital task of making sure the money keeps coming in, simply by opening up her mind to new possibilities.
Another client, I’ll call him Jack, was big on production and didn’t like to be distracted from getting his products out the door. But the tight economic climate meant Jack had to let his salesman go and he needed a way of bringing in new clients.
Jack was seriously worried; certain that he was what he called a “back-room boy”, he very reluctantly agreed to try some networking, attending at least two different group meetings a couple of times a week. Within the first three weeks, he’d bagged two new customers and has teamed up with one of his fellow networkers in what could be a very lucrative new venture. “It wasn’t difficult at all,” an elated Jack told me. “I just got chatting about the stuff I know and people were interested.”
Sally no longer finds credit control such a drag. Jack is now willing to venture outside his back-room shell. What changed?
Nothing really, except their minds!

Written by Hazel Walker

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