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I was having a chat with a good friend the other day and we were discussing things that really inspire us when we are in need of a little motivation. Naturally, most people are motivated to keep working for one or all of the following; their family, money, status, professional satisfaction etc but when times are tough and you are feeling low and demotivated, how do you get re-inspired?

I have gone through a period of needing motivation and inspiration and during that time, these are some of the ways that I re-energised myself, it’s like giving yourself a kick up the backside.

Inspirational Music

Let’s be honest there is nothing more motivational that putting on some great music that either blows away all the cobwebs, or has lyrics which make you feel like you can achieve anything. I’ve got absolutely loads of these songs and have even created a playlist for times when I am feeling in need of a bit of encouragement.

One of the most positive ones for me is The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun”, when John Lennon sings ‘It’s alright’ that’s how I feel when I hear this song!

Reading or Remembering Inspirational Quotes

There are so many of them out there and it seems like every other person on twitter sends at least one inspirational tweet out per day, but among a lot of repetitive quotes, there are often one or two ‘pearls’ that will really resonate with you. I have a few quotes that run through my head. One of the wonderful influences on my life in the past year is an amazing man called Jim MacLeod ( and he has regularly told me “You’ve got to believe to achieve”, I think of this certainly on a weekly basis, but maybe even on a daily basis.

Another powerful quote for me is from Kurt Cobain, the tragic singer from Nirvana, who famously was quoted as saying “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not”, as someone who is passionate about authenticity, this quote is so powerful to me and I remind myself of it at times where I need to reinforce that conforming to things which go against my principals is never a option for me.

Inspirational People

My daughter truly is the greatest source of inspiration for me, not only do I want to succeed so that I can provide her with the best foundation in life and be a really positive role model in her life, but I also seek inspiration from her. My daughter is one of the sweetest humans ever to be placed on this planet, she always sees the good in people, never criticises or judges and is already an adept problem solver. She shows empathy and compassion in everything she does and is always trying to help others. She has had a dream since she was very young that when she grows up she will travel to a developing country in need of support and build a children’s hospital there, I have every conviction that she will fulfill this dream and many others.

Within a work setting, I have many people that inspire me, each of these people are completely different from one another except for one common similarity, they are all entirely genuine. Tamsen Garrie ( is one of the most astute, authentic and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of both knowing personally and working with professionally. She is a constant source of inspiration and one of the most respected people in my life.

Gary Johannes ( and I met in March last year and since that day he has been one of the key people in my life, he has given me a hug when I have needed it but, in more than equal measure, has also given me a good kick up the backside when I have needed it too. Gary’s inner strength never ceases to amaze me along with his devotion to his children and granddaughter too.

When I look for inspiration in people, I never look at celebrities or powerful business men or women. Yes, I really admire what some people have achieved and respect them for working so hard to become top of their field, however the most amazing and inspirational people for me are ones I meet every single day from all walks of life, people who maintain dignity, authenticity and courage in their every day lives.

An Inspiring Film

There are so many inspiring films out there, films which make you stop and think, films which make you proud, films which make you cry your eyes out. I have loads of films which are inspiring and powerful, but there is always one film that is guaranteed to make me cry, laugh and feel a million times better about life by the end of it. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is not just a Christmas classic, it is a modern day fable which gives so much meaning to our own lives. How amazing would it be to meet our own ‘Clarence’ and have a snap shot into life without our ever being born, considering how we have impacted upon others in a positive way really motivates me to continue living my life the way I want to, Clarence’s quote is so powerful at reinforcing this ‘Remember George, no man is a failure who has friends’.

So how do you gain inspiration and motivation? Are you motivated by the bigger picture or do you seek the smaller things in life to drive you forward?

I’m off to lasso the moon!

Written by Lianne Dupre

Lianne Dupre

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