Don’t be afraid to ask

A while ago I was in Malta and it happened to be the weekend of the Malta Powerboat Grand Prix.

All very loud and exciting.

My husband is a brilliant photographer and is always keen to take pics of anything and everything. It was certainly a wonderful opportunity for some incredible images, especially if he could get a Press Pass to get in the pits.

That got me thinking – how could I get him in there? Who might be able to get him a Pass? Boat Magazines! They could potentially get coverage and images that they wouldn’t have been able to get and for free! I had a plan.

Being a fan of Twitter I decided that my best chance as sending out a tweet or 2. “Anyone know an editior of a Boating Magazine who might be able to get Hubby a Press Pass in return for use of pics” A few tweets like this and I had some leads. The best was from @DiabloPR Who knew that she knows most of the movers and shakers in the Powerboat world? Certainly not me.

Tweeting with her got me the name of one of the competitors in the Malta Powerboat Grand Prix, it got my husband in the pit, he got his pictures and an incredible experience.

So, what do you want for yourself or your business? Let people know because you never know who might be able to help you and be more than happy to. You might even find out that you can help someone with something along the way.

In other words don’t be afraid to ask – or listen.

Written by Julie Hayward

Julie Hayward

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  • That is great and such an easy thing to do. It can become habit to hold information close to us and not share, thinking that people will steal ideals or not know anyone but you never know!

    I am going to give it a go this week!


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