to Ipad or not to Ipad?

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Which is your favourite business gadget?

A bit of a personal revelation blog this one. I have long proclaimed to all and sundry that I couldn’t see why anyone would NEED an Ipad  for business. I can see the appeal for gadget freaks and angry bird fanatics, but for serious business use a net book just seemed to be a more practical solution – well to me anyway. I know people proclaim the battery life is the deciding factor, but we all know how rapidly that declines on all Apple products. And my Samsung netbook still gives me a days worth of power without carrying a cable after 3 years of serious use.

For me the lack of a USB port or being able to plug in a projector has precluded the ipad from being  a practical option for me and it would be just a toy (and I’m not saying that I wouldn’t enjoy it as a toy but that’s not the issue here). Now I like my gadgets and I love my Itouch and Ipod , not having my Blackberry with me is like losing a limb and my shiny new 3G Kindle is the best present I’ve ever received ( and yes I admit that I carried more chargers with me on holiday than most families!)

But this holiday I made the conscious decision to leave my netbook at home. The holiday was supposed to be a complete break away. So the compromise was that I would set my emails up on my itouch and spend no more than 1 hour per day on that or the phone as I needed to to keep things ticking over back at home. My other half brought along his ipad and iphone. By the 3rd days away I’d set my emails up on his ipad. Why? Well, simply – the ease of use.

For messages of 140 characters or less the itouch is great. But to try and write a detailed email or even a blog (my personal challenge was to write a 1 post / day) it just wasn’t practical. So I now admit that an Ipad has its place for business.  It’s still not a tool that my business needs full time, but I have far more sympathetic feelings towards it than I did last month.

But to read the screen in the bright sunshine………………….. well lets just say that we’ve already bought a 2nd Kindle since we got home so I now have mine back!


So what’s your favourite business gadget, and why?


Written by Philippa Bowen

Philippa is an enperienced business owner who has worked in the private , public & charitable sectors and for large & small businesses. Her passion is helping business owners to get the best from their businesses in the most efficient manner & using social media to do that. You can usually find her on twitter at @philippabowen
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2 Responses to “to Ipad or not to Ipad?”

  • Avatar Philippa Bowen:

    not for a while, still got no justification………… lol

  • Avatar K Davison:

    As you know, I love tech, and at the moment I still love my iPad. I have great app, and spend time finding the right app for what I am doing. I can’t wait for iOS 5 to come out, will improve my iPhone/iPad interface.

    The keyboard for the iPad has improved use, I am a touch typist and can’t stand the 97% keyboard on my netbook, but I can put the iPad to landscape and type away or plug in the keyboard.

    So Phillippa, when you gonna get one?

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