What I got out of Business Boost III

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to two very different but equally inspiring speakers at the third Business Boost event; a series of seminars/networking events organised to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Keith Brown from KB Speaking talked about his experience of working down a two kilometre deep gold mine in South Africa at the tail end of the apartheid days. Keith nearly lost his life trying to extract the most precious metal on earth from deep inside it. An explosion released deadly gas that is so efficient at killing people, that six parts in every million would be enough to sentence you to a horrible death inside eight hours. Keith and his colleagues escaped from the smoke and gas filled mine by crawling along the train tracks to safety. As he put it, the answer to all their problems lay at their feel, right in front of them – they just could not see the obvious solution to their problem.

Frank Furness is one of the world’s most sought after business speakers. Last week he was in Singapore speaking at a business conference, next week he is in Panama City speaking to around 300 business leaders and last night he addressed 50 business people in Mansfield.

Frank specialises in sales and marketing with a healthy amount of IT and social media thrown into the mix. Even though he was only speaking for an hour (he has agreed to come back next year and do a longer stint) those 60 minutes were packed with sound business advice. What struck me sitting at the back of the room trying to take it in while overseeing the event, was the simplicity of the messages! Effective sales and marketing really is not rocket science. Yes, the situation has changed with the Internet and Social Media, but in truth the same principles apply – identify your buyers’ needs, understand their buying patterns and hit their hot buttons with the right message.

One key point really stood out for me and it’s one I will be using from now on. Frank dominates the Google pages in the UK, US and even Iran for three key words. Frank took the time to discover what three key words people used to find his service. Those same three words are now used as the title, sub-title and description of virtually every aspect of his marketing activity. Whether it be the title of his web page, his blog or his photos on Flikr, the words that people use to find him, are the words he uses to describe him.

As someone with nearly 20 years experience in PR and marketing I felt I should have spotted that one – but as Keith Brown says; sometimes you can’t see the answer even when it’s right in front of you.

Business Boost III was an eye-opener for me and I hope many others who came. We raised over £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support on the night; if the advice offered is taken I suspect many of the businesses that attended will reap rewards far greater than that.

Written by Graham Parker MA MCIPR

Graham Parker MA MCIPR

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