Top Ten Tips When Making An Appointment via Telesales – Part 2

Top Ten Tips When Making An Appointment via Telesales

This is a direct follow on from my blog about starting to make cold telesales calls…when you actually get to speak to the decision maker, use this structure:

1)      Remember – be yourself, people buy from people especially on the phone! A smiley, happy voice but in your normal tone will be fine, don’t sound too scripted, too salesy or artificial.  You will get nowhere if you sound like you’re about to try and flog them double glazing.

2)      Say hello to the decision maker, check they are the person you need to speak with e.g. “Good morning, I’m Victoria from Star PS, your colleague has told me you’re the person who would make decisions about who buys stationery supplies for Acme?”.

3)      If they say yes they are, brilliant! If they aren’t the right person (sometimes recepti8onists get it wrong) ask them who they need to speak to and also what they do.  It’s essential to get as many contacts for each prospect client – people talk and the nicer and more informed you are the better!

4)      Ask them a quick open question such as “Who do you usually buy your stationery from?” and then shut up and let them speak.  Do not over talk them.  Do not worry about silence; let them break the silence first.  Trust me – it works.

5)      Don’t spend AGES on the phone – establishing that they are the person you need to see, find out who your competition is and then that’s it – you know you need to see that particular contact.  Now it’s time to ask for the appointment! Selling in person works far better and spending 20 minutes on a phone to someone then being asked for an appointment is so annoying! Get in there, get the appointment and that’s it.

6)      “That’s great, thanks for the information.  I’m really interested in finding out more about your company and your stationery buying, when can I come and see you?” and then – don’t wait for an answer – “What about next Tuesday the 27th at 10am?”.

7)      See what I did there? Asked for a specific date and time. They may agree immediately.  They may come up with one of the following objections….remember, objections are buying signals.  If they object, they are interested…

a)      “I’m not interested in changing suppliers right now” – your reply should be “That’s fine, I would rather find out about you now so when you are ready you will also know what fantastic service and deals we have so you can make an informed choice! “

b)      “I’m really happy with who I use” – your reply should be “Fantastic! It’s nice to know, we are all in the same industry and if someone is doing well it makes us all look good! I’m still interested in meeting with you; we may have something different we could offer”.

c)       “I’m too busy to see anyone at the moment” – your reply should be “Brilliant! Glad you’re busy, me too.  What about next month, say Tuesday 5th at 10am? I will email you to confirm and we can always move it nearer the time”.

8)      If they won’t commit there and then despite using these quick tips, don’t push. Thank them for their time, tell them you are really interested in having a coffee and getting to know them and get their email address. Email them after the conversation so they have your details.

9)      It can take up to 7 calls to get an appointment…bear that in mind and don’t get disheartened.  If you can get 3 new pieces of information from every call you are building the best prospect customer database possible and it will be a valuable source of business in the near future.

10)   Remember if someone is rude they may be having a bad day.  Don’t take it personally – the worst someone can do is swear at you and slam the phone down. You will still have all your limbs and your dignity in tact!  In over twenty years that’s only ever happened to me once.  I rang back immediately and said that we must have got cut off.  I don’t recommend you do that unless you’re pretty tough…or slightly crazy J

Good luck and happy calling!

Written by Victoria Roberts

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