Should you spend a fortune on your first website?

As usual the answer is not a straight yes or no. Some of what you need to consider are:

-is it your primary place of business?
-What kind of site is it?
-What features do you need?

It you are an online business, then your website is your shop front and needs to be designed as such. Thought needs to go into the look and feel, as well as the features you want. It you have premises then the website should reflect it but not give a false impression. For example if your shop is all clean lines monochrome should the website be multicolored?

There are different types of sites, I am going to keep it simple and look at 3. Informational, ecommerce and interactive.

An informational Site holds information about the business such as what products it sells, location, and opening hours. It is meant for potential and existing customers to get info before they step info your shop.

Ecommerce is selling something on line. So either instead of or in addition to a shop customers can order items on line.

An interactive site is where customers can interact for example a discussion forum. The site designer does not add the information but allows others to do this. Depending on the information within the site could be looked at as the place to go or not. The company or people who run it are also looked at with the same tone.

Once you decide what kind of site you would like see who has a website you like and how it was created. Also think about how much money or revenue the site will generate, is it worth spending thousands if you will never generate thousands from it? If you are not sure, it is worth creating a website, try an inexpensive information site and ask people how their found out about you.

Features are also something to look at, some open source software like WordPress, Joomla and Mambo have specific base feature put also many plugins or modules that expand the software. Can you start with something like that to see how much traffic and revenue it creates.

If you do not know where to start, ask around and see if there is someone who is a professional put not expensive that can either create the site for you or teach you how to create a site yourself. There may also be courses available at a local college which should give you enough skills to get started.

When you Know that your website is going to make you money you can invest more into it, but would you pay thousands to for printing or advertising if you did not know if you were going to get a return of that investment? The same should be said about a website.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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