Top Ten Tips To Starting To Telephone Cold Call – Part One

Top Ten Tips To Starting To Telephone Cold Call – Part One

I’ve been making appointments via the phone for over 25 years…here’s some quick tips to help you get started.

1.       Be prepared! Sounds obvious, but make sure you have lots of paper and a pen cos you are going to need to make some notes.

2.       Who do you need to speak to? The Director? The HR Manager? The Facilities Manager? Higher up the food chain so to speak, the better results you will get. Make sure before you pick the phone up you know what decision maker you need to be asking for.

3.       What’s the aim of your call? Be sure before you pick up the phone. Is it to fact find? Get a name? Make an appointment?

4.       Receptionists are not Gatekeepers, dragons or destined to make your life hell. They are merely doing their job and acting as their employers have asked them to.  Bodes well to remember that because the quicker you make friends with the receptionists the quicker you will get through to the decision maker.

5.       Best opening line ever coming up…wait for it…” Hello, I wonder if you can help me please?”.

6.       Next line, “I need to speak with the Director/HR Manager/Facilities Manager, what is their name please?” (delete/add job title as required).

7.       Be firm, friendly, warm, smile when calling and most importantly – BE YOURSELF! People buy from people and that’s doubly so when they take hundreds of calls a week from people trying to sell things.

8.       When you have got the name of the person, ask to speak to them.  At which point the receptionist will ask who you are. Tell them your name.  They may then ask where from? Tell them company name. If they ask at that point what the call is about tell them.  Without waffling. If they say they can’t put you through – that’s fine! Thank them; ask when it would be more convenient to call back.  DO NOT ARGUE! Remember you catch a lot more flies with honey then you ever will with vinegar.

9.       Ask the receptionists name and make a note of it.  Thank them personally. Ask for an email address for the decision maker.

10.   Call back within 2 days.  Speak to the receptionist using their name.  If the third time you call you don’t get to speak to the decision maker, send them an email then follow it up. Persistence is the key because it’s building relationships that counts.

Part Two How to Structure An Appointment Making Call is coming soon!

If you want to learn how to use these techniques effectivelky for your business, then get in touch :  email  .And please let me know below how you get on using them

Written by Victoria Roberts

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