To Buy an iPad or Tablet PC, or not?

Have you been thinking about buying a Tablet but not sure whether to pull out the money for an iPad or going for a cheaper Android tablet. It can be a tough decision. Some choose because they do not want to buy Apple or they don’t want to spend as much. Others may choose to buy the on that is flash and trendy.

What you should be looking at is how you are going to be using it. I had not intended to buy an iPad, was going to get an android tablet. I have used PDA’s for years and needed to get a new one every 2 years because they die (and I do mean die with no sign of power or flicker of life) or they keep crashing. I never spent more than £300 because I felt they would not last anyway so why spend more.

Everyone else I know can use the same equipment for twice as long without any problems, but it is not how long they last for them but what they do with it. I usually have twice as many programs, check and send email, create business documents, spreadsheets and presentations, to do list, notes, ebooks, video and more.

I am writing this blog on my iPad using handwriting recognition software. Most people I Know do not continually their devices as much.

So take note of what you would like to do with your tablet. Then do some research. What was the tablet you are looking at meant for? Is it a media player, an internet tablet or an all purpose device?

It you only want to watch tv and movies or the train into work then s media tablet would work, there are some that will connect to the tv and record. It you just want to connect to the internet than an internet tablet or Smartphone could work.

If you need to do more like write reports then check to see it the tablet will allow you to do this or it you have to buy more software. How can you enter text? Does it like handwriting or is there a keyboard? How can you get the documents from the tablet to another computer?

The last thing to consider is the future. Do you think your needs will change or stay the same? I bought the iPad because the tablet I wanted was not available and I needed it for work, to be honest I did not want to carry my netbook around.

The iPad is an expensive initial purchase but the software is inexpensive (most of it). It is knowing what software to get. Only you will be able to decide how you are going to use it, be honest and ask questions. If possible try them out and visit forums to see if anyone has asked the questions you have. Then make a decision. For me the iPad has increased my productivity, more so now that I also have an iPhone, so it was well worth the expense.

Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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  • It is really easy to be swayed by fashion or gadget envy when buying something like this but in the end you want it to be something that you can’t live without rather than something you only use when you want something to lean on.
    Don’t let your heart lead your head

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