Planning your networking = more success

I am waiting for The Business Club East London launch so I have sought refuge in a coffee shop with what turns out to have lousy music and coffee to match. The wifi really is just as bad too!


I am sitting here thinking about what I want from the launch tonight.  Who I want to meet?  What I want to achieve whilst I watch the city employees scuttle home after their day at work and while I prepare for another few more hours work and not getting home until midnight. And probably a night on the sofa but that is a whole different story!!!


It has been said before that networking is perceived as just a jolly up… Joked that I’m a lady who does breakfast (not lunch or women only events!) but by the very definition networking is working.  I plan to work the room.  I plan to meet my targets.  I plan an outcome.  After all if I fail to plan then I plan to fail; as the saying goes.


My targets for tonight are:

  • Arrive on time or slightly early (coffee shop is less than 1 minute away)
  • Get a contact list
  • Find suitable contacts
  • Meet and talk to 5 people I don’t already know
  • Leave with 2 meetings

My target audience is:

  • Construction Industry – interior fit out companies, M & E companies, developers – Project managers, Estimators, QS’s
  • Technology industry – IT companies, Telecoms companies.
  • Education sector – colleges, primary and secondary schools, universities
  • Commercial property managers – facilities managers such as Regus, etc

Anyway I will report back on my evening as I am off to get there early!


Some time later….


Well what a night a room packed full of people I didn’t know… Including people from major businesses. What a lovely and well run event. Launch nights are notorious for hiccups and if there were any it was very well hidden.  Ruth Phillips did a great job. It was a real bonus that the networking event was primarily business to business rather than the usual business to consumer of some regular networking.


I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and I know you are wondering how I did on my targets… Well the results are

  • I meet 10 people who I chatted to and exchanged business cards
  • I arrived on time
  • I had prepared
  • I had a contact list
  • I studied the contact list and marked who I wanted to meet with
  • I meet people in construction industry
  • I met people in the technology and communications industry
  • I left with a contact willing to lead me to more contacts along with two potential jobs


I feel it was a good night networking although I have arrived home tired and well past midnight I feel I have achieved a good result.  Remember networking must have a return on your investment; it’s not only the physical cost but your time too.

How does your networking leave you feeling by the end of the event?

Written by Helen Wilson

I am a mum of 2, wife, business minded individual being taken on an unexpected journey in 2012, but I am turning it to my advantage and I am very excited about what is coming my way. I see the light at the end of the tunnel which I havent seen for a long time… Patience is a virtue…

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