Networking Persistence Leads to Results


It has been an interesting week for me. My husband has completed an NLP Practitioner’s course and I was helping out running the event as I completed the course a while ago. One of the things that I realized is that Chris worked really hard in the lead up to the course to feel that he was capable of doing the course. I, on the other hand, had done very little and felt fine.

It struck me that this is a pattern for me – throughout school, university, sports and my corporate career I breezed through life and everything came easily. I saw pretty much immediate results from the effort that I put in and didn’t really have to put in a huge amount of effort.

Business, and in particular business networking, is different though and dealing with this change has been interesting. In actual fact, the best way to succeed in developing your business through networking is to not be looking for immediate results at all.

The real results in networking come from the time taken to build relationships and build trust with the people you come into contact with. Then they will come to you to sign on the dotted line or will send people to you that are pre-qualified for your product and service and are ready to do business with you. How long this takes depends on your willingness to persist and participate as well as your particular business and the circumstances of the people that you meet. You might get lucky and be delivering the message at exactly the time that the person you are talking to needs to hear it – or it may take a bit longer.

One example for me has been banking. I met a business banker for a particular major bank in Australia while I was still working for a corporate employer so I had no need of their service. However, over time I developed a relationship of liking and trusting this person. When I had my business and needed a business bank account I didn’t need to shop around. I called Michelle, booked an appointment, walked into the bank and signed the paperwork. She knew me well enough to know what I needed and I trusted her enough to accept her opinion of the best package for me – and it was a very simple process for each of us.

Many clients I work with get frustrated that they do not immediately get lots of business and referrals when they network. With a strategy, a plan and some persistence however, the results they tend to see down the track are better than they ever thought possible.


My coach and mentor Annette Lynch is an Olympian and the author of Success Beyond Sport. She writes “Persistence is really just another word for spirit.  Everyone has things they dream of becoming.  We all experience setbacks and failures along the way.  The person with the most persistence, however, always ends up happy at the end.”


Be patient, be persistent, take the immediate networking “wins” and work on the relationships that will bring you the big wins in the long run.

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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