10 things I have learned about Twitter

It’s been an interesting journey over the past year for me in respect of Twitter so I thought I would share with you 10 things I have learned about Twitter.

It would be great to hear what you have learned.


You can make friends on Twitter with people from all over the world, and when you actually meet them it often feels like you have known them for years.  Because people share the personal insights as well as the business you can really paint a picture of them in your head.  It’s not all about business, that’s why they call it social media!


You no longer need to worry about watching the reality TV shows as there is such an excellent source of information on Twitter each evening you can be sure you will never miss out on the what is happening.


You should be wary of tweeting when under the influence as others on Twitter will be stone cold sober. (Please note this is not from personal inebriated experience but from being on the other side of the fence) and your followers will see a side of you they didn’t know existed.


Twitter is an excellent alternative to locating suppliers or services via Google.  It’s all well and good using an internet directory but how good are the results without a personal recommendation.  One Tweet asking for recommendations and you will have saved yourself hours of work and have built up a shortlist.


You can win stuff on Twitter, quite often all that is required is a simple re-tweet of a tweet and you can win some pretty cool prizes such as tickets to events, chocolate, hampers and much much more, although I have yet to win that coveted iPad.


Twitter is not the place to air your personal grievances, that is still best done in private, however, a carefully worded tweet can encourage a supplier or retailer to respond to a concern that you have, and by carefully worded I do not mean offensive.  I have heard of some really positive responses to tweeted concerns, but then again I have also heard that the same tweets can fall on deaf ears with some companies.


Twitter is an educational resource! Who would have thought I could have learned so much from 140 characters.  Sometimes you can learn purely from those 140 characters but more often you learn from the blog or article that is linked to from the tweet.  There are some fantastic minds on Twitter, not just business minds, who truly embrace what Twitter is about, and are sharing knowledge and experience on a regular basis.


There is a bandwagon developing, and its people trying to sell you social media training.  There are a lot of reputable suppliers out there, however, as with anything there are others who don’t have the knowledge that’s really needed.  Take time to do your research, to check out profiles and make an informed decision.


Twitter is not immune to spam.  In fact you can make quite a game of it, use certain words in your tweets and see which spammers start to tweet you blatant sales messages,  or which companies auto follow based on the use of keywords you may have used.  The trick is to use the block button on these and not be taken in by links from people you don’t know.


It’s addictive! Okay, I am  a Twitterholic and I am proud of it, it’s not an addiction I wish to be cured of thank you, but I may have to cut down on the bath time tweeting now I have an iPhone4, it’s a bit too precious to risk being dunked under the bubbles in error.

Seriously though, for anyone who thinks they don’t have time to tweet you would be amazed how often you find yourself with a few minutes to spare, it could be at the bus stop, in the playground, in your coffee or lunch break and it takes less than a minute to write a tweet.

So come on, share with me what you have learned about Twitter, I can’t wait to hear insights, both good and bad.


Written by Helen

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