It’s all about me……..

It’s not actually all about me this one, but interesting how people in a pressured working environment neglect to remember that there is actually  ’no I in team’….

How do your motivation levels effect your work?

Fact – low motivation affects confidence levels, it affects how we feel, how others around us perceive us and how we behave towards clients.

It is an art being consistent and managing how you feel, but it is an important factor to maintaining balance during work. If we understand how our behaviour affects not only how we feel but how it affects people around us then we can work on how we maintain our motivation levels.

Scenario: You wake up half an hour later than you should have, there is heavy traffic all the way to work and you end up being 25 minutes late. You are flustered, you apologise through gritted teeth (not my fault!) sit at your desk and whine to your colleagues for a further 20 minutes….you then make your first call.

Ask your self the following questions:

  • How do I feel?
  • How have I reacted?
  • Have I disrupted anyone else’s work?
  • Have I changed the atmosphere in my working environment?
  • How motivated do I feel?
  • What was my first call like?

If you answer honestly then the likelihood is that you are not going to be feeling very motivated. You need to train yourself to leave issues outside of the office, think about the effect that your behaviour has on your colleagues around you. How many other people are feeling de-motivated as a result of your mood. This type of understanding of yourself and of others is  emotional intelligence.

People who have developed emotional intelligence recognise that, as Epictetus said 2000 years ago, “It’s not the facts and events that upset man, but the view he takes of them.” One of  the most important aspect of emotional intelligence may be controlling anger, frustration or stress. Episodes of anger, bad moods or any situation where you are less than stable  have no place in the workplace, and can quickly destroy a sense of organisational well-being.

A person with the core quality of emotional mastery:

  • Says what he or she thinks, but never others puts other people down
  • Stays calm even in crisis situations
  • Doesn’t let anxiety interfere with  core duties or with other things that need to be done.
  • Reflects before reacting and is able to consciously choose an appropriate response

It’s an art but once mastered you will achieve consistency, a greater understanding of the factors which affect your motivation levels and enjoy your working environment so much more.

This is an excerpt from our self-motivation workshop, for further information please contact us for a free initial consultation.

Written by Anita-Clare Field

One Response to “It’s all about me……..”

  • Avatar Philippa Bowen:

    I so agree with this Neets. It’s so easy to let things impact on your work environment & then take it out on whoever comes into contact with you first.
    the positivity & never speaking to anyone negatively also has an impact on you & you end up not getting as negative before. and remeber how you feel when someone speaks to you badly compared to speaking positively & encouragingly.
    A great reminder to us all

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