How to create SUSTAINABLE CHANGE in your future (Part 2 of 2)

“How can you say that the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon?”


  This post is by Brian Light                                                            

Your KNOW HOW “know how to get to where you want to go”
Getting this step right means making ‘real decisions’ and deciding what it is you’re going to achieve and then, and only then, close off all other possibilities. 


How much do you really want to get there?

  • It doesn’t matter what your goals, dreams or outcomes are . . . if you do nothing about them
  • It doesn’t matter how much you talk about changing you company . . . if all you do is talk
  • It doesn’t matter what changes you want in your life . . . if all you do is delay and delay


So it’s time for you to ask yourself, privately and honestly and with absolute certainty:

  • What dreams, what hopes or what ambitions
  • What team openness, what project success or what professional fulfilment
  • What new confidence, what relationships or what decisions


How much do you really want it will decide whether you do anything about it or not, and when?  If you don’t want it then do nothing about it, that’s fine, because it’s your decision.


Your KNOW HOW “your skills gap”
There are two areas that your professional COACH will help and support you: 

  • Your Skills Gap
  • Your Company’s Skills Gap


Your Skills Gap
One-to-One Management Coaching has, over the years and using coaching techniques, helped and supported numerous Business Owners, Directors and Managers who:

  • have challenges with getting the best from their people
  • recognise the need to improve business performance
  • have a problem with getting steady and consistent growth from their company
  • feel that they could be making a more leadership contribution


Each coaching session lasts three hours and whilst there is a clearly defined outcome(s) for the programme each session will take into account the clients specific requirements or difficulties.







Your DO IT “just do it”
The final step in the formula is the simplest piece of common sense.


  • Implementing your dreams is the most difficult thing to complete successfully and requires many important values.
  • The one value that is amongst the most important is persistence’


Thought:  “individuals who succeed at anything, be it business or relationships always show persistence that wipes failure off their radar.”


Therefore, whenever you do anything ask yourself: “does it help me, my team, my company?”

If it helps, do more of the same; if it doesn’t, do something else.


Your DO IT “just do it”
There are two areas that COACHING can help and support you:

  • Your Motivation
  • Your Company’s Motivation


Your Motivation
The pressures associated with building a successful business can mean you spend most of your time working IN the business, rather than working ON the business.  If you want profitable growth, you need to create time and space for that essential planning.


Management Coaching will help you improve your operational efficiency and time-management, plan for succession, motivate your staff and become more effective.


What’s in it for YOU?

  • Increased productivity for you and your team
  • Less fire fighting
  • The opportunity to explore and challenge your goals, attitudes, aspirations and potential
  • The elimination of habits or activities that prevent you from achieving your objectives successfully
  • Improved time management and prioritisation leading to reduced personal stress
  • More time to enjoy the fruits of your labours


It’s not easy to change on our own but with an experienced COACH to listen [really listen], to challenge [really challenge] and to support [really support] you, your new vision and choice to change is do-able [really do-able]


Your Company’s Motivation
“Companies that invest in external executive coaching for their staff show improvements in productivity, quality, organisational strength, customer service, shareholder value, retention of key talent and reduced customer complaints. Average Return on Investment is almost 6 times the cost”. (Source: Manchester Inc)


What’s in it for YOUR company?

  • Increased productivity for your team
  • Reduced risk, fewer crises and less fire fighting
  • Effective communication up and down the chain of command
  • Evolution of a customer-connected company environment
  • Improvements to productivity and bottom line profits
  • Innovative vision, creative ideas and a ‘can do’ culture
  • Key staff and loyal customers motivated and retained


. . . . and a promise that you and your company will be in safe, experienced and professional hands.


If you’ve had an experience with a coach I’d love to know what it was.

And if you’ve never used a coach why not ask what a difference it could make to your business!

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