Being yourself …

What comes to mind when someone mentions authenticity? Genuine,  credible, real, dependable are just some adjectives that you may first think of, all of them are admirable adjectives and no doubt ones that we would hope to be associated with ourselves. We all have the possibility to create our own image and yet some spend so much time on creating a ‘front’ in order to hide their authentic selves, that this becomes almost a full time job especially when they have a different ‘mask’ for each different social setting.

How do you feel when you partner comes to a work party with you? Is it difficult for you to merge your work and home persona or are you totally at ease in this situation?

When you attend a networking event for the first time, are you trying so hard to portray the image you feel applies to your profession, that you lose all credibility as a genuine person? There is nothing worse than meeting someone at a networking event who constantly sells their business at you in order to  detract from them revealing any hint of personality.

Whether aware of it or not, people buy authenticity and it is only when one is truly authentic in their home and work life that they are able to feel happy in their own skin and live their life as it was intended. So how will you ensure that you are living your life with complete authenticity?

Written by Lianne Dupre

Lianne Dupre

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