Who is your ideal client?

 this post is by Ruth Thirtle

Often when networking, I ask people to tell me who their ideal client is. I am amazed by how many people have no idea or really don’t know how to answer the question. So for this week’s blog I have included a subject I talk about in one of my Business Booster videos. To gain access to the entire FREE video series, go to www.business-booster.co and fill in the form.

Knowing who your ideal customer is will save you time, money and effort as you will be able to focus your efforts to attracting them. When you try to be all things to all people, you will end up being nothing to anyone. On the other hand, when you know your ideal customer you will be able to get totally focussed on your sales and marketing efforts – and you will therefore get better results. Knowing your ideal customer and being specific in talking about what you do will make you more memorable, which in turn makes it easier for people to refer business to you as they know exactly what you are looking for.

When you know who your ideal customers are you will be able to:

  • Understand their problems and challenges and therefore more clearly define how you can help them
  • More easily undertake market research as to what your customers are looking for
  • Build trust and rapport as you truly understand their wants and needs
  • Take a more targeted approach with your marketing and produce more exact results
  • Develop a memorable and engaging business introduction that will have people talking about you
  • Build word of mouth within your target market as they will tend to associate with one another
  • Be more comfortable and confident talking about what you do


The 10 Questions to Help Reveal Your Ideal Client

1)      Who are you enjoying working with at the moment? And why?

2)      Who are you not enjoying working with at the moment? And why?

3)      What would be the ideal age range of your perfect client?

4)      What is the common income bracket or industry of your perfect client?

5)      What ranges of interest and/or hobbies does your ideal client have?

6)      What level of education does your ideal client have?

7)      Where do your ideal clients get together currently?

8)      What magazines or publications do your ideal clients read?

9)      What other businesses have already captured your market? How did they do it?

10)   What are the most common problems facing your ideal client?


One of my clients, Michelle, came to me as she wanted to start her coaching business and was looking at a variety of areas in which to coach. However, by trying to be a raw food coach, relationship coach, wellness coach and general life coach she was struggling to attract clients and really be able to focus on her business. We worked together to discover that her ideal niche is relationships. She has now been able to paint a picture of her ideal client which is allowing her to productively and passionately produce products and has a clear picture of where her business is going and where she will find her clients.


Knowing your ideal client is like fishing. When you know the type of fish you are looking for, you know where to go, when to go there and what bait and tackle to use to catch them.


Written by Ruth Thirtle

2 Responses to “Who is your ideal client?”

  • Avatar Lesley Morrissey:

    Reading about ‘enjoying working’ triggered the thought that there’s a whole other aspect to this subject – about whether you are doing what really excites you in the first place. It always astonishes me that there are people who are self-employed who don’t enjoy their jobs!

    Discovering my Core Process was a great revelation as I now use that as a measure of whether I’m living and working ‘on purpose’. I think every self-employed person would find knowing their Core Process a really useful way to measure success and make decisions about whether they should (or should not) embark on a particular project or activity.

    There’s a whole website about Core Process (www.coreprocesslife.com) and I’ve got involved with the management team to deliver a conference in June. Mine is Generating Ooh!

  • Avatar Philippa Bowen:

    Agree with you on needing to understand who your client is so that you can tell people about them. The more specific you can be the more referrals you get. Works everytime when networking. Describe what you did as well and always helps trigger an “oh I know someone like that” moment

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