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As its Easter and a Bank Holiday we’re not posting a blog from one of our regular contributors but thought we’d post one from us instead.

The most frequent question we get asked as the admin of this site is “what would you like me to write about?” so we’ve written this post about where we get the inspiration for our posts from, or which topics make us read a blog post.

  1. Conversations: as business owners we talk to people, a lot, so this is our primary source for ideas. Similar topics crop up regularly as concerns or areas of interest so we write about those.
  2. Newspapers: well OK any print media (or the online version of). I always have a flick through the business section of the papers when I’m at the gym or browse the internet news sites. What is there that interests you, affects your business or your industry?
  3. You have an area of expertise. Share that information with us. We’ll definitely know who to go to when we need that type of help then
  4. Other blogs: Whether you agree with what they say or not, they certainly trigger ideas for me.
  5. Your own blogs: Did you try to cram too much information into some of your older posts? Well why not turn them into a series of posts on one topic? Or pick a theme and turn it into a series of posts
  6. TV programmes:  even if they’re not specifically business related if there’s something you see that you lean/ get information from then write about that. Imagine the customer service posts you could write based on Fawlty Towers!
  7. Business Books/DVDs/videos: most people have read one, and a lot of us read them regularly. Which do you like? and why? Even a review of the entire book, or share with us the one key message you take from it.
  8. Webinars/ networking events:  well theoretically these could count as conversations as well, but write about what you liked about the event, who you met, did you learn anything from the presentation (there usually is one) and who do you think would benefit from attending the next event
  9. Planning for something? Then share with us the highs and lows, what happens, what goes well (and not so well) and what you learned from it. What you’d do the same and what you’d do differently next time.
  10. Personal experience: What or who has been the biggest influence on you or your business or your life? Tell us why and maybe we’ll get inspired too.


So that’s where we get our inspiration from. Where do you get yours? What should we have included on this list?

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