Fire up your automatic success mechanism

Are you making the most of your ASM, your automatic success mechanism? Did you even know you’ve got one?

You have, and you can get it primed for action quickly and easily. What have you got to lose?

The whole concept of ASM is the brainchild of the late Dr. Maxwell Maltz, an American cosmetic surgeon who…wait a sec, is this just another mad I’m-a-guru-and-can-make-you-rich-while-relieving-you-of-your-life-savings scam?

No, this is definitely not a scam. Your ASM is free, it’s already in place and priming it for action will cost you zip, except for some thinking, planning and, yes, action.

What Dr Maltz posited is that everyone has an automatic success mechanism but to work properly it has to be pointed at a specific target or goal; not everyone, unfortunately, defines their goal so a whole lot of energy and effort is wasted and a whole lot of people flounder around without achieving any real success.
In the current economic climate, as the business community sometimes feel they’re trying to navigate a smelly creek without a paddle, it’s an excellent time to ensure the automatic success mechanism is firing on all cylinders.

It’s a bit like one of those intercontinental ballistic missiles that were all the rage during the cold war. The reds, say, could fire a missile at a ship somewhere in the Atlantic and no matter where that ship went, that missile would find it and blow it to smithereens. The missile was attached to an incredibly powerful computer that constantly fed it data about the ship’s whereabouts, so though it might zigzag on its way to its target as it corrected its course, nothing, but nothing could stop that missile finding that ship.
If the missile was fired without a target…well, it would meander around the sky until it hit something by accident.
Imagine yourself as the missile and your subconscious as the incredibly powerful on-board computer, feeding you the data to take you to the ship, success.

Now imagine yourself as the missile without a clear target. Or with a target clouded by fears about the economic climate. Get the picture?
To fire up your ASM for action, you have to have a clear target, a goal.

If the dire economic climate has made you lose sight of your business goal, now’s the time to review it, sharpen it up  and make it SMART. As soon as you remind yourself of what it is you’re trying to achieve, clarify it and get yourself a viable action plan that will take you towards it, your subconscious kicks in – like the all-powerful onboard computer that it is – and directs every cell in your body towards that goal.

Why wouldn’t you?

Written by Hazel Walker

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