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What is closing and how do we know when we have reached that crucial point?

Closing a sale is when we are satisfied that the client wants to buy what we are selling. We have found out the information we need in order to progress the sale and we have confirmed along the way that the client is happy with what we are saying. It is however, important to close a sale when the time is right. You will know when this is when you start hearing the potential customer agreeing with you.

Roses round the front door... keep knocking !

Listening is the key – so many people selling miss important buying signals. Buying signals may come at at any time so it is vital to spot them when they occur and act upon them quickly.

Here are some examples:

  • How much is it?
  • When could you deliver it to me?
  • What other colours do you have?
  • How much for three sessions?

Different types of Closes

  • Alternative
  • Agreement Staircase
  • Direct
  • Assumptive
  • Trial

Each close offers the sales person a different way of securing the business.

Alternative close – offers the customer an alternative rather than asking for the business out right. A lot of people selling feel most comfortable with this close because is raises confidence and you do not get an automatic no.

Example: The client says: ‘How much is it?’ instead of giving the price, ask this question ‘ Which product were you looking at product X or product Y?’ when the client responds ask the customer ‘How many would you like? 3 or 5? by the end of this simple technique you will know which product the customer wants and how many, which means you can now quote a price and close the deal.


Agreement Staircase – Which is particularly effective after you have answered an objection? Revisit all the points that the client has agreed with and restate them saying “so you agree that…it is the right target market, it is relevant to your current marketing strategy, it will get you the right sort of coverage, it will ensure your services are visible.

Because they have agreed previously they will be answering yes to all of these questions if they have previously agreed. It will look very odd if they say no at this point when you ask for the business!

Direct Close – The close you use when you are absolutely confident that you have the deal “in the bag “ ask a direct closed question to secure the business. ‘ I will send you an invoice?’ or ‘ I’ll process the order for you?’

Assumptive Close- The best close to use when you are renewing business, confidence is high and your relationship with your customer is good.

Trial Close – ‘Testing the water’ a gentle way of asking the client if they agree with what has been said during the conversation – a good way to uncover objections, deal with them and move on and close the deal.

  • How does that sound to you?
  • How do you think this will fit in with your plans?
  • What are your thoughts?

Don’t be scared – they may say yes!

Show no fear !!!

So many people selling have a fear of asking for the business because they fear rejection, they cough and splutter their way through the final stages of a call and end up loosing the sales.

Confidence is the key to winning the business…. If you have done a fantastic job convincing the client and closed with confidence then you will get the business. Too many people accept no for an answer.

  • No – we have no budget
  • No – we have enough business at the moment
  • No – the person I need to check with is away on holiday
  • No – I’m not interested

All of the above can be avoided if we follow a simple structure, if we have confidence in our ability, If we think smartly and understand the client’s needs. Most of the above are objections that can be easily answered. If we anticipate objections in advance then we can avoid them cropping up.

Some people hear the word NO and automatically drop the price – NOT THE ANSWER.

Signed, sealed, delivered.

Belief and enthusiasm in your product is everything and if this is reflected in the conversation, the client will not find an opportunity to grind you down on rate.

Always believe that there will be positive outcome to your call. You are the best person to sell your products so there should be no other outcome.

Written by Anita-Clare Field

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