Writers Block? Effective Sales Letters.

This post is by Anita-Clare Field

There always seems to be a block when it comes to writing sales letters or sales literature. I have witnessed people staring at blank pieces of paper for hours without any idea of how to present their ideas into a sales led document.

Can't find the words?

Selling on paper is an art and a science, so here are some pointers if you are staring at your blank piece of paper right now:

1. First and foremost always begin with the end in mind. What are you looking to achieve? The answer is almost certainly going to be business. Ask yourself a few questions and jot them down.

  • Why would I buy this product or service?
  • What would be the benefits?
  • How do I feel about the cost?
  • What objections would I have?

    Wait for ideas, don't force them

Be subjective – it’s easy to wax lyrical about our own product or service. De-construct each feature and benefit and write down key words.

2. Write in the style of your audience, when I say that I don’t mean write as they would but adopt an approach that is relevant to their business. Generic letters are fine but adopt a style that is approachable for all.

3. Tone, as with telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings needs to be pitched appropriately. The language you use is also a key factor and writing in a positive and emphatic style is essential. Be understanding of their business needs and avoid words like might, could, hopefully and maybe they serve no purpose except to make you sound unsure of what you are selling. Words like will, can will instil confidence in your message and in your potential customers.

4. The so what factor? If when you write your messages you can hear -so what? then you are not clearly stating benefits. Remember benefits are what will actually sell your products or service.

5. Keep it short and punchy, include leading questions to ignite interest and plant seeds in your potential customers mind. Make sure there is plenty of white space and each paragraph contains a specific message. It is important to remember that you only have 3 seconds to impress !

Waxing lyrical

6. Sign off – so many people fall into the ‘ please don’t hesitate to contact me’ trap, more often than not they don’t ever get in touch. Make sure you state your intention at the end of your letter. If you say you are going to call do, If you are offering something for free to whet their appetite then give a deadline or a unique reference so that you can gauge your response.

Give your self time to breathe after you have finished, come back to it in an hour and sense check in case you have been inspired to include any further messages. Good Luck!

Written by Anita-Clare Field

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