The Value of LinkedIn

This post was written by Philippa Bowen

I was at a networking event last week. Most of the members there know that I love social media and use it regularly for my business. In fact I have been accused of being an evangelist!  But that didn’t put off one of the members, who came up to me and asked if I use LinkedIn and if it would be useful for him to be on there. My answer was yes, I was sure it was, whatever he wanted to use it for. The obvious question came :  He then asked how I used it.

My initial reaction was that I don’t use it as much as some of the other mediums out there. (Those who have met me know my addiction to twitter – if you’re really that interested in why I love twitter then go have a look here: But as we were talking I realised that actually in the last 2 months I have used LinkedIn, and got a tremendous amount of valuable information from it, but had actually dismissed its potential usefulness and the ease and speed of being able to access the information. So it thought I’d share with you what that information was and why it has been so valuable to me, and to my clients.

I was asked to find a team of people with a certain speciality. I already know 2 or 3 people in that field so I firstly sent them a message on LinkedIn, telling them about the query and asking if they knew anyone else I could ask. I ended up with 20 contacts who were all recommended by people I know and trust, all of whom were suitable for the team. I was able to review their profile, and their contacts and ensure that they did have the qualifications and experience we were looking for. I then made initial contact with everyone through LinkedIn to introduce myself. The result: my client got a pool of extremely talented people to work with and because of the number of recommendations got within just a few days, we are able to provide continuous cover for the project and allow people to carry on working in their own business and not delaying the original client project.

The second is a client of mine who had asked me to do some research. We were looking for contacts into a very special business sector. I used the search facility on LinkedIn to search for people who had put those words into their profile. So some contacts but not enough. Next was to search the groups. Which groups would attract the people we were looking for? I managed to find several and so I joined them and asked some questions to see who would respond . I then searched through all the contacts I’d found and found other people who worked at the same businesses that I’d already found. The result we have a great list of potential contacts that we can now develop relationships with.

The value of this is that I have 2 very happy clients with great quality contacts and the potential to grow their businesses!! Me like!!!!!

Written by Philippa Bowen

Philippa is an enperienced business owner who has worked in the private , public & charitable sectors and for large & small businesses. Her passion is helping business owners to get the best from their businesses in the most efficient manner & using social media to do that. You can usually find her on twitter at @philippabowen
or you can contact her via:
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5 Responses to “The Value of LinkedIn”

  • Great post! Although I am on LinkedIn I tend to use Twitter and Facebook more – yes I also underestimate LI.
    Thanks for prompting me to re-look – and you are the 2nd person to do so today.
    Back to those Groups…..

    • Avatar Philippa:

      and another one today – redid a profile & updated education, someone had 3 interviews & a job offer by end of day. In a month client has had 13 enquiries, all leading to work from a business page on there!

  • Avatar Philippa:

    thanks for the comments. If i can be of help just ask. as I say I think I underestimate the power & the value of the information you can get from LinkedIn so easily. My goal this year is to learn more about it & utilise it’s power more.

  • Firstly, Love the new website ! secondly I love this blog.Linked in continues to be an enigma to me,I am still not absolutely sure about all of it’s capabilities and as Martin says above I am gradually starting to look at it more.

  • My use of LinkedIn in developing constantly. I love it’s intuitiveness though and as my business grows and I can see myself using LinkedIn more and more.

    Great post Philippa. I think I’ll be tapping you up soon for some LinkedIn advice.

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