It’s not what you know but who THEY know

 This post is by Julie Hayward

You know that old saying “it’s not what you know but who you know?” Well it’s very true but if you take it a step further it is even more powerful

These days traditional advertising seems to have been replaced in many ways by networking and connecting with people

Whether you network online or in real life there is a tendency to filter people almost in the blink of an eye. “yes, they are useful to me” or “no, they aren’t going to do me any good – next!”. In fact a number of networking ‘gurus’ say that this is the way to go about things so that you don’t ‘waste any of your time’.

To begin with I took that approach but after a while I saw the huge error in my ways

I realised that although someone might not be in an industry that seems ‘useful’ to me they may know someone who is and like what I do enough to recommend my business

Everyone you connect with has the potential to introduce you to hundreds of people and you could do the same for them. You aren’t just introducing yourself to them but their whole network as well

A couple of examples that illustrate exactly how powerful this is…..

1. I didn’t have a new car that needed a service package but connecting with someone who sells them on Twitter got me a valuable introduction to the marketing department of a car manufacturer.

2. Connecting with a packaging designer at a 4N networking breakfast meant that when a cake maker I knew wanted to revamp the way she despatched her cake slices I could introduce her to the perfect person

It really isn’t just who you know but who THEY know.

Written by Julie Hayward

Julie Hayward

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  • This is very true. Our business is very much in its infancy but we have attended several networking events and come away with contact that are not directly useful for us but have made introductions that we have benefitted from further down the line.

    I also find just going out and meeting other businesses at their premise has been useful. We have made many connections recently, occassionally with businesses we are unlikely to have any dealings with, but we know that they know people we want to access.

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