How to get a custom picture beside your comment

It you read a lot of blogs you will notice that the comments at the bottom may have pictures beside them. Some are generic, like the monsters you see on this blog, some are customised. Mine for example is my networking picture . How is this done?

Easy when you know how. Start by visiting a site called you can create a free account that you can associate different email addresses with specific pictures.

When you comment on a blog like a WordPress blog you use the email address you registered with gravitar, and that will match up with your picture. This is extremely important if you have a business image that you would like to be consistent, for example a logo or networking photo.

You can set up several emails with one picture or several email addresses with a different picture each. This way you can have a a business picture and a personal one to create different images.

I look forward to seeing the custom pictures for those of you who are regular commenters.


Written by Katherine Davison

Katherine Davison

Katherine has been a corporate training consultant for over 10 years and had her own business since 2001.

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