Do you take your opportunities?

This post is by Ruth Thirtle

At the moment, I am writing a mini-series on my own blog ( if you want to check it out) on opportunities in networking. I am discussing how taking opportunities can raise your profile and improve your results. In my research, I came across this great quote by Sam Walton

“There will come a time when big opportunities will be presented to you, and you’ve got to be in a position to take advantage of them”

This has really got me thinking so I figured I would write about my thoughts and share them with you. I trust that I am not alone (although I know I am unique) and that these things may provide some inspiration or support for you.

I was thinking about the opportunities that have presented themselves over the last couple of months, are presenting themselves now and how I am dealing with them.

On Monday I hit the “submit” button on being a co-author in a book celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day. This is an example of an opportunity that is greater than it initially seemed. Last year I was also invited to participate in the Gold Book Project – and I did. The result was inclusion in a book on The Law of Attraction where I applied it to networking. However, I did very little to maximise the opportunity as I did very little to share the great information that I had written (and many others had too!) with the people I came into contact with.

This could have been a great way to increase my list, improve my credibility and move me towards my vision to inspire and support. As a result, I did not gain much from the opportunity.

This year, I considered not taking the opportunity to be involved – after all there was a bit of work involved. However, on deadline day (and not a moment sooner!), I submitted the article to the lovely Janet Beckers for inclusion this year. I have since found out the scale of the launch this year on International Womens Day with 100 inspirational women sharing their story is massive and also that the book is going to be printed as well as being an e-book – so I will be a “proper” published author by March. Taking my opportunity here has turned it into an even greater one, and yes I will be maximising it this year.

I have been in the UK for a few months and have just got back to Australia. On my arrival in the UK, a friend of mine (and fellow contributor Sara Parr) invited me to have a look at 4Networking as an opportunity to promote my business.

Next week I will be at the launch of 4Networking in Australia and in March I will launch the first 2 groups of my home region, the Illawarra. This is a fantastic opportunity to be involved in something at the start and contribute to the growth and success. My business will benefit from the profile I will have with the new groups; I will benefit financially, in terms of relationships and, I am sure, further opportunities.

To reach this point I took the opportunities given to me through 4N.

  • Being a member
  • Presenting wherever and whenever I could
  • Becoming part of the team for one group and then multiple groups
  • Being open to talking to the Director about their plans and vision

There is a lot going on for me right now and I don’t want to bore you but let me leave you with 3 questions.

  1. Are you open to evaluating new opportunities?
  2. Are you acting on the opportunities that you get?
  3. What else could you do with the opportunities that you have been given?

Written by Ruth Thirtle

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