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This post is by Hazel Walker


It’s winter. It’s cold. It’s grey. We’re still in the post-Christmas slump. Our new year resolutions are history and our motivation is zilch.

Great! We’re in the perfect state for a motivation booster that will give our get-up-and-go an injection of zest and put us in the ideal frame of mind to push our businesses into a faster, fitter, fresher phase.

Try this three-step process and see for yourself how quickly you start to feel inspired to move on up. Clear an hour in your desk diary, or do this at home instead of watching the soaps!

Step One

Audit your successes: make a list of all the successes you’ve had in your business up to now. They can be big or small – just keeping your company afloat through the kind of economic maelstroms we’ve had over the last year is a huge success, so definitely put that on your list. Winning an important contract, plugging your way through a week of cold-calling, taking on your first staffer, any or all of these may be on your success list. Remind yourself how you felt at the time of the success and see if you can relive that feeling, that little spark of excitement or satisfaction.

Step Two

Analyse your successes: how did your successes happen? Luck? Unlikely! The Roman philosopher Seneca pronounced: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” What preparations did you make when you were successful before? What opportunities did you meet, greet and grab with both hands? What did you DO that brought success within your grasp last time round? Work through your list, identify and note down at least one action that took you towards the success. Add any circumstances that were in your favour, or factors contributing to your success.

Step Three

Study the actions you’ve identified and decide which THREE you can carry out over the next week and which THREE you can carry out in the longer term – say a month or during this quarter. They may not be exactly the same – time has passed, your situation is different, circumstances surrounding the actions have inevitably changed – but there is a way you can transfer the value of those actions and apply it to your present conditions. Look too at the circumstances and contributing factors of your success and see if you can match them to your present situation somehow, or can see how they may come together in future, and plan accordingly.

What you have at the end of your three steps is an action plan for both short and long-term, and the knowledge that you can call on the same skills, talents and abilities that have brought you success already – and they’ll work even more effectively this time round.

Written by Hazel Walker

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